The Heritage Pavilion is a significant part of our Society as it provides us the important opportunity to preserve our agricultural history and allows patrons to take a trip back in time and see working examples of historical machinery and early farming practices. Another feature of this section is a working blacksmith demonstration area. There will be demonstrations of Hay baling and sheep shearing including interactive displays of various equipment.


Artists within the Whittlesea Shire and surrounds come together to display their diverse range of artwork styles.
Whether a visitors interest be in watercolours, oils or ceramic arts they will find something of appeal here, an area for imaginative and creative minds.


The Annual Show brings out all budding photographers and the experienced to participate in this extensive competition held each year. The judged exhibits are on display for the public and topics cover a wide variety of classes such as landscape, portraits, nature, agriculture, people/pets/animals and more. Judged in age groups, this section caters for children, young people and adults. The local Whittlesea Photography Group runs this Pavilion and also has a display of their own just across the walkway. Be sure to pay them both a visit.


Get up close and personal in the Animal Nursery. Kids big and small love patting the baby animals from miniature ponies to ferrets and your usual farm friends, baby lambs, goats, chickens and rabbits. There are plenty of opportunities to feed different animals and of course cute photo opportunities. Open right across the day this area sees a lot of families going through. Pat a goat, calf, pony and more animals, feed a duckling or chickens.


The Cookery section of our Show encompasses a huge variety of foods that showcase the talents of both aspiring and experienced cooks. From baked goods, cakes, scones and breads to preserves and confectionery – every taste is catered for. Hundreds of entrants participate in this area of the Show each year. Handcrafts always proves to be a big draw card of the Show each year with hundreds of entrants vying for recognition of their creations. Housed in the Homecrafts Pavilion, patrons can admire the artistic talents of our entrant’s work.


The Cattle Pavilion and yards give you an up close and personal looks at the different types of Cattle. Saturday will see judging for the Dairy Cattle and Commercial Cattle. Sunday sees judging for our Beef Cattle and Hoof & Hook Competition. Get along to the Pavilion and feel free to ask the Exhibitors any questions you may have about their Cattle.


Overseen by a dedicated group of fanciers, significant effort is put into exhibiting poultry. Birds are trained for the cages used at shows, washed and manicured in preparation for the event. An assortment of classes caters for a vast array of birds from hardfeather, softfeather, waterfowls, bantams, ducks and more.


Sheep are a major attraction at the Show with classes for Wool and Meat Sheep, Coloured Sheep and Prime Lambs. With a full program on Day 2 of the show they are a major agricultural attraction and patrons can walk amongst the sheep and speak to their handlers.


Horse events play an important role in the annual Show, these include Clydesdale, Junior Equestrian, Heavy & Light Harness, the ever-popular Showjumping, Galloways, Australian Ponies, Standardbreds, Novelty Pony Events, Pony Club and several other breeds of horses. The Horse section of the show will usually feature one featured breed for the weekend and these feature classes attract the top entrants from the Victorian horse world.


The Farm and Garden produce section is for the farmer, hobby farmer and the home gardener. Sections include grazed and un-grazed pasture, sheaf of green oats, bale of clover hay, bale of meadow hay, all types of vegetables, and a section for eggs. Each year the volunteers create an amazing display of the entrants produce and harvests, promoting agriculture and the importance of local food production in Australia.


The Education section attracts over 6000 entries from Primary, Secondary schools and Specialist Schools on the northern fringe of Melbourne. There are many classes that children can enter, ranging from 2D and 3D Art, Collage, Ceramics, Threads and Textiles, Creative Language, Technology Studies, Computer Graphics, Photography and more. There is also a dedicated section for Special Needs children to enter their creative exhibits.