The Whittlesea Agricultural Society is considered one of the oldest and continuous Agricultural Societies in Victoria. The Society is responsible for the Famous “Whittlesea Show” which has been crowned “Victoria’s Premier Regional Agricultural Show”. This year the Society celebrates its 161st year. The Whittlesea Agricultural Society is a dedicated band of volunteers who work throughout the year to put on this annual event.

In 1859 the Whittlesea Agricultural Society had its beginnings on a site near the Whittlesea Railway Station.  Here the Whittlesea Fair was held on Tuesday 3rd May, 1859.  There were 40 members, who subscribed approximately 1 pound each.

The Whittlesea Show brings the best of country life and enables people of all ages to share and recognise the history and heritage of the Whittlesea Farming Community and the Whittlesea Agricultural Society. We seek to educate, inform and entertain, bringing agriculture, farming, rural issues and way of life to the wider public. The Show is a showcase for food, farmers and a trading place for rural skills and crafts, ranging from vintage to modern showing you changing farming practices through machinery, animals and ways of life.

The Agricultural Society holds the annual Show on the first full weekend in November each year. A very active committee is behind this successful event which by reputation conducts the largest two day Agricultural Show in Victoria. We believe our show is successful because we concentrate on an agricultural based family show, our reputation is widespread and many of our competitors and visitors travel from all areas of Victoria and often from Interstate to attend or participate.

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Offering a fun-packed weekend of family entertainment, the Show successfully combines tradition with modern-day life – from discovery and adventure to hands-on experiences and learning while you watch – there really is something for everyone.

Family at the Whittlesea Show